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Dear Friends, I involved in various land and marine survey mappings since 1980. I am sure that my experiences can be valuable for others especially younger people who are interested in marine survey mappings fields; Hydro-Indonesia.com is dedicated to them. At the same time to share knowledge to each others is very important as I do relize that the more people to share the more knowledge we can get.

PT. Survindo Perdana Satria was the first company I worked for about 19 years, or from 1980 till 1999. I would say thanks to Mr. Rene Tambayong (Almarhum) as a Director for his valuable contributions to my carier as a Hydrographic Surveyors. My good friends as listed here are also my unforgetable collegues during my presence in the company who worked together as a team. If you wish to see my friends’ name during my presence in PT. Survindo Perdana Satria, you can see in the Download Area.

Important topics you may need are the hydrographic survey-related knowledge, i.e. GNSS, DGPS, RTK, SBES, MBES and related contents. I will further update any topic related to hydro-oceanographic surveys at regular time or at any time you contribute. I also put in one subject that consists of the survey standards required in hydrographic surveys.

I appreciate to anyone who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge by sending me any related topics to herisb@hydro-indonesia.com.

Warm regards,

Heri Sulistyo Budi (Administrator)


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